Our diamonds make the difference

At Karini, I bring decades of hands-on experience, educational knowledge, and precise expertise to the jewelry market with utmost confidence.

Ariel Weltsch, my husband, is a diamond manufacturer. He works by my side handling all rough diamond purchases. He analyzes the rough diamonds and decides the chosen diamond based on its unique characteristics. Ariel, along with highly skilled diamond polishers, brings Karini the perfect final polished diamond for every design.

As a diamond manufacturer, I can provide an ample selection of diamonds at a very competitive price that is within your chosen budget.

From the smallest of melee diamonds starting at 0.005 carat, each size diamond is run through quality control. Each stone is graded by my in-house gemologist before it is available for sale or sent out after purchase. This is to ensure each diamond meets my stringent criteria.

Our diamond guarantee

  • Our small diamonds fall between G+ color and SI+ clarity. Karini diamonds do not exhibit tinges of a brown or gray color. Karini diamonds contain minimal fluorescence that will display from none to faint when checked under UV lighting.
  • All of our diamonds are natural earth-forming diamonds and are inspected with GIA iD100.
  • Diamonds larger than 0.50 carat are Gemologists graded by GIA. We use only diamonds that have Very Good and Excellent grades only.
  • Solitaire Rings: Each center diamond is crafted exclusively for Karini, which makes each ring unique.
  • All diamonds have a very good ratio of weight and diameter. This will result in a well-cut diamond that will exhibit incredible brilliance, fire, and presentation.

Complimentary Consultations

I strive to bring you a truly rewarding diamond buying experience that will leave you feeling confident and positive you have made the right selection. I offer free consultations if you have questions regarding any of my products.

Have something in mind you don’t see on my website? Contact me and I may be able to provide you with your dream diamond.

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