My inspiration

There is a deep heartfelt joy integrating my passion for jewelry, along with my love for diamonds, and combining these two elements into high-quality fine designs that are truly a reflection of inspired creativity.
Through my personalized approach of utilizing premier metals and diamonds, I am proud to offer unique fine jewelry creations that are wearable pieces of fine art.

My Inception

After completing my Biology Research Ph.D., I felt an empty void that I was unprepared for and was surprised to find. After completing this lifelong milestone filled with hard work and diligence, I sensed there was still a long road ahead of me. Although proud of my accomplishments and looking toward the future with dreams and aspirations, a huge piece of my heart seemed to be missing in the process.
Contemplation and inner reflection lead me to join my husband’s diamond business and get fully acquainted with the diamond industry. For the last decade, I educated myself and learned the world of diamonds.
From mining rough diamonds to the marketing of the finished product and everything in between, I became an expert with keen attention to detail, all while continuously out to the field. This professional experience is a vital component of correctly performing quality control and producing high-quality items for consumers worldwide with interest in the jewelry and diamond industries.

Experience and dreams
lead to artistic endeavors

I still felt this experience of apprenticeship wasn’t enough for me. I desired to take all the knowledge I had gained a step further. Inspired by all the wondrous magnificence the diamond holds, jewelry design became my unfulfilled dream and my true passion. I confidently set out to pursue this once lofty goal that held a place in the recesses of my mind and made it my mission to create designs with hands-on expertise, precision, and ultimate mastery.

My dedication

At Karini, only the finest jewelry and diamond professionals are members of my in-house team. Each design is led by me.

First, I sketch the jewelry, then plan it out using the most up-to-date and comprehensive computer software application. After creating the basic jewelry model, the design is passed to my master jewelers that bring it into fruition. This chain method results in premium high-quality jewelry designs that showcase durability, symmetry, and above all else, wearability.

Our in-house Gemologist inspects each diamond for color, clarity, and neutrality before setting. Each diamond, including melee diamonds, are matched to ensure quality and cohesiveness. Also, our Gemologist is responsible for checking the final jewelry quality under a microscope to ensure that you are receiving a piece of jewelry that is up to my high and uncompromised standards.

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